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What is a Branded & Barebone computer?

Branded & Barebone computer’s is a selection that comprises of a mix of Desktop PC’s to Gaming & Performance computers. We do not build these in house however we do stock directly from the manufacturer. All Branded & Barebone PC’s are of top quality and offer a next day delivery service. All our Branded & Barebone PC’s come in different shapes and sizes from tower PC’s to form factors and are built into top of the range cases from highly reputable brands such as Antec and ASRock, depending on customer requirements.  It is worth noting that some Branded & Barebone computers do not have an operating system pre-installed. This does lower the price and are perfectly ok to purchase if you plan on installing the operating system yourself. If not then contact us and we can do it for you prior to shipping.


How and where can a Branded & Barebone computer be used?

Branded & Barebone PC’s are a selection of both Desktop and Gaming & Performance computers so can be used for either home, office or media depending on customer requirements.


Branded & Barebone Computers available at UK Computers and Components.

All Branded & Barebone computers are built by manufacturers with both Intel and AMD processors. All are built and shipped with a next day delivery service available.