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What are CPU fans & liquids?

CPU fans are required in a computer to keep the processor cool and ensure that it doesn’t overheat. A computers processor is the main microchip on the motherboard so is essential to be maintained and kept cool to prevent fatal issues being caused on a computer. The fan works with a heat sync to draw heat away from the processor so that it can perform to its maximum capacity. There are also water-cooling systems that perform the same job but cool the CPU quicker with multiple pipes having liquid flow through them taking the heat away from the processor and dispersing it out through a radiator.  

How and where can CPU fans & liquids be used?

CPU fans are an essential part of hardware on all computers and laptops. Whether your computer set up is at home, work or you have a gaming PC, a CPU fan is an essential part. Water cooling systems are more aimed at gaming PC’s due to how hard some games will cause the processor to work and therefor heating up quicker.

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