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What is a gaming & performance computer?

A gaming PC is custom a built computer bespoke to customer’s needs. A gaming & performance computer consists of top of the range components built into an often glass sided gaming PC case. These include motherboard, processor, memory, hard drive and graphics card. We build these both new and refurbished and although listed as refurbished, the only refurbished components are the motherboard, processor and graphics card.  These are fully refurbished by ourselves and mean that customers can get a very high spec gaming & performance computer, boxed as new, for a cheaper price. In order to use a gaming and performance PC a user will need a gaming monitor with a good refresh rate and resolution, a keyboard and mouse and speakers. All gaming PC’s also require an operating system such as Windows 11 or Linux.


How and where can a gaming & performance computer be used?

Gaming & Performance PC’s are perfect for customers who enjoy playing high end games and are looking to have a gaming set up at home. They can however also be used for work purposes by professionals in the photography, video editing, screen capture, CAD, architecture, graphic design, computer programming and software development industries.


Gaming & Performance Computers available at UK Computers & Components.

All UK Computers & Components Gaming & Performance PC’s are built using Intel i5, i7, i9 & AMD Ryzen processors. We build all PC’s to order with 1-3 day turnaround and a 2 year warranty.