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What is a power supply PSU?

A power supply unit or PSU as they’re also known as, is the main source of power for a computer set up. They are encased inside the computers case and have connections that attach to, and power, a computers components such as the motherboard and hard drive. Depending on the required power, PSU’s come in different wattages such as 550W, 600W and up to 1200W for higher end computers.

How and where can a power supply PSU be used?

All desktop and gaming computers require a power supply in order to function. The power supply will differ in size in terms of wattage depending on what computer they are situated in. A gaming PC requires a lot more power and connectors than a standard office or home PC and will therefor require a higher wattage.

Power supplies PSU’s available at UK Computers & Components.

UK Computers & Components stock multiple power supplies for both standard home & office computers as well as for gaming PC’s from very well known brands such as EVO Labs, Cool Master, Deepcool, Gigabyte and Gamemax.