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PC Laptop Mac & Gaming Computer Repair Solihull – UltraCore

At Solihull – Ultracore Repair Specialists, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services and products including PC, Laptop, Mac, Gaming; Computer Repairs and sales, all with our team of local computer repair specialists, headed by Scott who has over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

By choosing Solihull – Ultracore you will benefit from fast delivery times, expert advice and excellent customer service.

Laptop Repair Screen Damage Upgrades DC Socket Slow Keyboard Battery Solihull - UltraCore

Here at Solihull - Ultracore, we offer a wide range of Laptop Repairs, including screen repairs; if you have a smashed laptop screen we can help. If you have a broken keyboard, missing keys or spilt something on it, here at Solihull – Ultracore we can replace the laptop keyboard. We also offer battery replacements, chargers and can replace broken DC sockets.

If you wish to upgrade your laptop, we have a number of options available so please give us a call.



PC Desktop Gaming Computer Repair Upgrades Slow Solihull - UltraCore


Solihull – Ultracore offer PC repairs at very competitive rates. We can do a full refresh- moving all your data leaving your PC faster than before. We can also upgrade your slow PC with Solid State hard drives and upgrade the RAM, where you will notice a massive difference without replacing your whole system. Ask us about upgrading to Windows 11.


Gaming Computer Builds Repair Slow Upgrades Solihull - UltraCore


Solihull – Ultracore offer repairs and upgrades on your Gaming PC. We supply and fit Solid State hard drives and upgrade the RAM to keep your Gaming PC at the top spec.

If your Gaming PC is running slow. Solihull – Ultracore can complete a full refresh: leaving it faster than ever.

Looking for a new build Gaming PC, built specifically for you to meet your requirements, then get in contact with us.


Apple Mac MacBook iMac Slow Upgrades Repairs Solihull - UltraCore

Are you looking for Apple repairs and upgrades? Then Solihull – Ultracore can help.

We can repair an Apple products including Macbooks and iMacs. The repairs and upgrades we offer for Apple MacBooks and iMacs include upgrading to Solid State hard drives and Solihull – Ultracore offer a full refresh which will speed up your MacBook or iMac and give you the latest IOS, including moving all your data and applications.